The hospice team includes:-

Hospice Physician who oversees the medical care

Registered Nurse who visits to assess, teach and provide care

Social Worker who provides psycho-social support and coordinates other resources

Certified Nursing Assistant/Hospice Aide who can assist with personal care and activities of daily living

Chaplain or spiritual counselor if desired

Hospice Volunteers if desired

Grief counselors when needed

Dietary counseling, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy may be provided in some cases

hospice team includes physician, Registered Nurse, social worker and often a hospice aide or nursing assistant

The hospice interdisciplinary team also includes the patient and family who are involved in directing the care they want. When hospice care begins, a plan of care is established. This plan is updated regularly based on the patient and family’s changing needs. This plan includes scheduled visits, medications and durable medical equipment and any therapy that is needed. It may include a certified nursing assistant to help with bathing and personal care; chaplain visits or counseling; volunteer support; and complementary therapy, such as massage, music or pet therapy. Each plan of care is individualized, but must include regular visits from the registered nurse who becomes the case manager.

There are different levels of care in hospice outlined in Services