How do you want to live at the end of your life?

Everyone has a different answer, but most people agree on what is most important…

physically comfortable

Often comfort is sacrificed in medical treatment. However, to live a longer and more meaningful life we need to be comfortable. This means free of pain, nausea, shortness of breath and other distressing symptoms.

In a national survey, the majority agreed that expertise in keeping a patient comfortable and pain-free is the single most important service to consider when caring for a loved-one at end of life.

The Hospice Team can help people facing a life-limiting illness or injury. This specialized care includes expert medical care, pain management, and emotional support for patients and their families.

at peace in your own home

Three-quarters of West Virginians say they would prefer to die at home or in an inpatient hospice according to surveys. However, most people continue to die in hospitals.

The majority of hospice patients are cared for in the place they call home. Hospice was founded so that people could choose to go home and receive all their care there. This is the essence of hospice care: that you can be comfortable and at peace in your own home.

surrounded by your loved ones and honoring your choices

In hospitals and other facilities that do not focus on end-of-life care, families often lose control over what happens to their loved ones. When patients choose to go home with hospice, the hospice team trains families so they know what to do and can be involved in the care. The specialist support of the hospice team is available as needed 24-7 as well as visiting regularly to provide care . Also Volunteers are there to help and Grief support is offered.

Our hands-on approach allows the family to maintain a vital role in the patient’s care. More family interaction supports the main goal of hospice—creating as many beautiful moments of life as possible.

doing what you love

Hospice supports living life to the fullest, and dying with dignity. When patients are referred early (in the final months rather than days), the Hospice Team can do tremendous work to improve their quality of life.

Nearly three-quarters of family caregivers agree that hospice care is a better choice for a patients with Life-limiting Illnesses. The majority believe that involvement in hospice makes a positive impact on the patient’s family as well. Hospice Compare shows that most families recommend hospice.

We make sure patients are comfortable and continue to enjoy each day. And we are there to support their family.

Don’t wait to call hospice: we can help sooner than you think.

Hospice enables memories that would otherwise not occur. It is the quality of these final moments that can define a good death.

It’s never too soon to talk to your loved one with advanced illness about hospice. To find a hospice or learn more about hospices in your area, find your local member hospice here. If you think you are not ready for hospice, learn about Palliative Care and Advance Care Planning