How do you want to live at the end of your life? Together, the Hospice Council and our hospices provide services to allow patients to live to their fullest. And we help families too.

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Hospice is most often provided in patients homes. However it is also provided in assisted living and nursing facilities, in hospitals and in hospice inpatient facilities.

There are four levels of care and the Hospice Team helps coordinate the care. More than 90% of the care is ‘routine home care.’ But inpatient respite care can be provided to give the family a rest or allow them to go on vacation. When patients are in a crisis with pain or symtoms that are difficult to control, short periods of continuous care can be provided, or general inpatient care. General Inpatient Care may be arranged in a hospital and the Hospice Team continues to manage the care there, or some hospices have an inpatient facility.

Hubbard Hospice House—Charleston, WV

Bowers Hospice House — Beckley, WV