The National Hospice Organization has a new Advocacy Toolkit that can be widely shared. This includes tips on how to be an effective advocate and do’s and don’t’s when using social media to advocate.

This toolkit comes at just the right time when West Virginia hospices are advocating for the preservation of the Certificate of Need for hospice. We are also advocating for the right need formula that will ensure good access to hospice services in West Virginia without adversely impacting the high-quality hospice services that we already have here.

The toolkit includes information about all the bills that will have to be reintroduced in Congress this year. The Rural Access to Hospice Act is especially important to West Virginia as many patients receive their medical care from Federally Qualified Health Clinics or Rural Health Clinics. Until this Act is passed there is a barrier for these patients to access hospice that needs to be fixed. Senator Shelley Moore Capito has been a champion of this legislation, which we greatly appreciate.


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